Old Station Road, Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo, 0835

Khulani Timber Industries


Pressure treated pole products - Creosote & Tanalith

Our Process


Forestry: Standing timber is felled and then debarked, skidded to depots and merchandised to required lengths and diameters according to specifications.


Timber is then transported to Khulani Timbers where all the timber is weighed over our weighbridge.


Each load will then be graded according to SANS 754,457 and 1288 specification.


Dependent on the specification the poles will then be nail plated accordingly.


Wet poles are either air dried or kiln dried as per customer specification.


A before treatment inspection according to Specific Permit Conditions is carried out after the drying process.


Khulani makes use of the Bethell (full-cell) treatment process for both creosote and tanalith, as per SANS 10005.


Final inspection is then carried out on the treated timber, to ensure all is treated accordingly and meets the specific requirements in SANS 754/1288.


Final products are then delivered by Khulani’s transport fleet, contractors, or by containers which are then shipped.


Our in house Training centre continually upgrades our staff compliment of 200 people to ensure that our operations, including forestry, the full manufacturing process and the delivery to our customers meet the highest standards at all times.

Khulani is self reliant and has built up the necessary plant and equipment to carry out all their manufacturing and transportation requirements. Our training centre offers courses to external people, to ensure the continuous growth in our industry.