Khulani Standards

Quality standards being adhered to include:

  • SANS 457- Treated Poles (Wooden Poles, Droppers, Gaurdrails Posts and spaccer blocks)
  • SANS 754  - Treated Poles (Eucalyptus Poles, Cross-Arms and Spacers for Power Distribution and Telephone Systems)
  • SANS 1288 - (Preservative-Treated Timber)
  • SANS ISO 9001: 2015 - (The Manufacture and Supply of Creosote and Tanalised Treated Poles) ACT - ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • TELKOM - PCR - (Process control release)
  • ESKOM - DSP - (Distribution Poles)

Quality policy statement about treated gum poles.

In order to meet the various quality requirements through out the production process, a quality management system (QMS) has been put in place. The system identifies the production process based on the customer requirements. Once this has been established, each production sector has a standard to obtain, and the end result, quality treated gum poles.

Quality treated gum poles are achieved through consistent:

  • Training to get quality treated poles.
  • Regular internal audits to get quality treated poles.
  • And a pride taken in the treated poles that we manufacture.
  • Plant and equipment are maintained to ensure that standards are met.
  • Environmental issues are continually monitored to ensure a friendly surrounding and safe workplace.
  • Regular report back from our customers are undertaken to ensure customer satisfaction and that the quality of our service and treated gum poles are maintained.

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